Ethanol Industry Professional, Ryan Heuer, Joins Arisdyne Systems’ Team

Focus on Ethanol Producers and Develop Collaborative Industry Relationships

CLEVELAND, OHIO (May 12, 2015) – Arisdyne Systems, Inc. has announced that Ryan Heuer, a 15-year ethanol industry veteran, will contribute additional Technical Sales and Business Development expertise to Arisdyne Systems and take the lead coordinating and directing current Controlled Flow Cavitation (CFC™) solutions for starch and corn fiber conversion initiatives to the ethanol market.

“Ryan brings experience in ethanol plant operations, new technology equipment sales to Arisdyne, as well as new product launch and value identification methods for converting feedstocks to fuel and higher value by-products” said Fred Clarke, Executive Vice President of Arisdyne Systems. “Ryan will help Arisdyne develop strategies for collaborating with customers and other industry participants to strengthen the overall performance of Ethanol producers.”

Arisdyne Systems grows its Midwestern presence and availability to Ethanol customers with Heuer’s Wichita, KS office where he will continue to reside with his family.

Prior to joining Arisdyne Systems, Ryan started his career in plant operations at the High Plains plant in Colwich, KS, followed by over 10 years with Novozymes in Franklinton, NC and Wichita, KS, with an interim 3 years at ICM marketing and selling large capital, new technology equipment. He holds triple Bachelor of Arts degrees from Blackburn College in Chemistry, International Business and Economics, and Business Administration, with emphasis in Leadership. He also has an MBA with a Finance concentration from Fort Hays State University.

About Arisdyne Systems, Inc.
Arisdyne is the leading provider of highly efficient process improvement equipment for biofuel producers. Arisdyne specializes in small footprint devices utilizing powerful controlled flow cavitation, (CFC™), a patented process for generating enormous energy peaks in the form of a shock wave creating highly efficient ways to reduce particle size, disrupt cell structures and accelerate chemical reactions. CFC™ increases ethanol yield from both starch and fiber based feedstock, while increasing oil extraction and improving enzyme efficiency.

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