Loving Yourself into a Brighter Life Lecture on April 5

Dr. Holly Timberlake will be presenting “Loving Yourself into a Brighter Life”, a free lecture on Thursday, April 5, 2018 at Walden in Aurora, Ohio.

The more we can support ourselves lovingly, the brighter our lives become, even during the difficult moments. Come practice simple and powerful ways to support your own well-being: speaking lovingly and mercifully to yourself, reassuring the insecure feelings that arise, encouraging and motivating yourself in ways that are light and love-filled. Ways that help you to see and feel more of the truth and beauty of your being.

The program will be held at at the Walden Inn Theater, 1119 Aurora Hudson Rd, Aurora, Ohio 44202 from 6-6:45pm. Register at the Walden.com website.

Holly Timberlake, PhD., is one of the preeminent alternative psychotherapists in Northeast Ohio; she has taught Energy Psychology methods to therapists for almost 20 years; has presented both in the States and in Canada on integrating Energy Psychology methods into current practices. She also is on the leading edge of therapists who are helping people bridge the span from deep emotional healing to expanded conscious (oneness) living/awakening/ascending. She is deeply steeped in holistic approaches to emotional healing and growth.

Dr. Timberlake’s holistic, energy-based private practice helps adolescents and adults heal anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, self-sabotaging behaviors, the effects of emotional trauma, abuse and disease, increase self-worth, and ability to be in healthy relationship. She helps people to reclaim the joy in their lives, to open energetically and spiritually to the Universe and to their own inner Self and to expand into their inherent, radiant aliveness.