CLEVELAND, OHIO — PauseOnError, a group of software developers and consultants who use FileMaker, have selected Cleveland as the location for their seventh annual unconference. The international event will be held at the Metropolitan at the 9 Hotel on March 13-15, 2016.

“This event attracts FileMaker Pro developers from all over the world,” explained Dan Weiss, president of Adatasol and one of the steering committee members for PauseOnError. “Since 2009, PauseOnError has been held in major cities like London, Berlin, Portland, and New York City. We’re very excited to bring it to the city of Cleveland.”

Cleveland was selected because it is centrally located in the US, and offers excellent facilities at a less expensive rate compared to many of the alternative cities. The Metropolitan at the 9 was chosen for its unique facilities and attractive spaces to network, discuss and learn.

As an unconference, PauseOnError is a self-organizing effort where all of the content is created by the attendees. The leaders for the 32 sessions sign up on a first come, first serve basis.

“While there is a formal schedule, anyone can sign up to lead a session,” explained Weiss. “There is no a corporate entity saying you can talk about this or you cannot talk about that. Some of the topics will be very technical. Others may be more business-oriented and could focus on growing or managing a company from a consultant level.”

Between 120 and 140 developers are expected to attend. Registered attendees are coming from as far away as Japan, The United Kingdom, and Germany, with the majority of the group from across the US. Because of the technical nature of the event, it attracts a highly-educated target market.

“The first year PauseOnError was convened in three weeks. The event was entirely free and reservations filled up in two days. There were 40 people sitting in a room and the format was set up in a very casual basis. The next year grew to 60. Now the last three PauseOnError conferences have totaled 80-120 attendees each year. “

The unusual fee structure for the 140 tickets is based on a reverse sliding scale.

“It’s a psychological thing,” explained Weiss. “The higher your level of dedication, the sooner you’ll sign up. We sold the first 40 spots at $400, the next 40 at $350 and then the last 60 spaces will be at $300. And as a nod to the first PauseOnError, there will also be 10 free tickets, released at the end of February.”

PauseOnError is a not-for-profit event with the goal of covering expenses, while encouraging collaboration. Each ticket sold will help to pay for conference facilities and meals, and provide a comfortable environment conducive to learning, networking and community-building opportunities.

PauseOnError fosters collaboration between firms that specialize in particular skill sets, cross-marketing, and generally raising the visibility of FileMaker. While there are a few technique demonstrations, most sessions are largely open-format discussions about high level development topics.

PauseOnError is not designed to compete with or replace the FileMaker Development conference, but is more of a think tank and an opportunity for developers to interact and network. While there may be some technical discussions about version control, testing, client engagement, and modular/reusable coding, most of the unconference will have much more of a roundtable discussion format than the presentations at the FileMaker Development conference.

FileMaker, Inc., an Apple subsidiary, delivers innovative software to easily create custom business solutions for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web. Millions of people, from individuals to some of the world’s largest organizations, use the FileMaker Platform to streamline their business processes, manage information, and boost overall productivity.

PauseOnError is a self-organizing gathering of software developers and consultants who use FileMaker. Its objective is to provide an educational forum where all attendees can collaborate to grow the community. The group takes care of finding a place to meet, where to stay, and food during the day so that attendees can focus on sharing, learning, and expanding their knowledge. The current steering committee is made up of Ernest Koe, John Sindelar, Dan Weiss, and Gerald Chang. Steering Committee alumni include Molly Connolly, Andy Gaunt, and Kate Lee.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Adatasol is one of the top U.S. based FileMaker developers and is the host sponsor for PauseOnError. In December 2015, Adatasol was honored to be awarded Platinum Level Partner status by the FileMaker Business Alliance. This level of access has only been achieved by only 41 companies in the United States. The company is on a growth trajectory with a plan for scaling up internally, while also considering potential acquisitions. For more information, visit

Eight² Inc. is a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, with offices in Vancouver, Seattle and Hong Kong. As Certified FileMaker Consultants, Eight² specialized in solving workflow challenges in small- and medium-sized businesses with customized software and hardware solutions. Eight² Inc. has also produced the last two PauseOnError conferences. For more information, visit