LifeCenter Plus Introduces Soft Touch Muscle Therapy for Athletes and Weekend Warriors

LifeCenter Plus introduces Paul Bacho Certified Athletic Trainer  who provides soft touch therapy to help injured athletes heal more quickly.
LifeCenter Plus introduces Paul Bacho, Certified Athletic Trainer, who provides soft touch therapy to help injured athletes heal more quickly.

HUDSON OHIO (July 29, 2014) – LifeCenter Plus has recently added the soft touch therapeutic services to help injured athletes and those with painful musculoskeletal injuries.

“Paul Bacho’s soft touch therapeutic technique can make a significant difference to athletes who are dealing with an injury,” said Jerry Lynch, co-owner of LifeCenter Plus. “Sometimes people wait to seek help after an injury. They hope the pain will go away on its own. Getting early treatment with soft touch therapy can help an athlete heal quicker and prevent scar tissue forming.”

Bacho has perfected a soft tissue technique that releases muscle pain and improves blood flow to the tissue. Unlike some trigger point massage techniques that can be painful, soft touch doesn’t hurt. With his gentle, hands-on technique, he uses a push-pull motion to help treat painful musculoskeletal ailments of injured athletes and those with chronic pain symptoms.

“Soft touch therapy signals the tissue to realign into its natural position,” said Bacho. “The therapy is a gentle pressure administered directly on the skin or through clothing. People are amazed how much better they feel almost immediately. I’ve helped all ages, from children to the very senior citizens.”

An avid cyclist and certified athletic trainer, Bacho holds a Bachelors degree in physical education from Kent State University and a Masters degree from Western Michigan University specializing in athletic training and sports medicine. His therapies are based on the NeuroStructural Integration Technique (NST), which was developed by Dr. Michael Nixon-Livy, who based NST on the work of Australian osteopath Tom Bowen. Further research and experience led him to Gene Dobkins’ Neural Touch.

“Integrating Neural Touch techniques with NST has given me tools that are much more effective than the painful deep tissue work I used to do,” he said. “Clients are delighted with the results. And best of all, it’s almost completely pain-free for the athlete.”

Typical runner injuries might be lower back, hip, shin, knee, foot or hamstring, while most swimming injuries are in the shoulders and upper back. Cyclists might find that they are experiencing pain in their shoulder, hand, low back or knee. To schedule a session at LifeCenter Plus, call 330-655-2377 at the front desk. For more information about Paul Bacho and his treatments, call 330-815-5825.