IT Strategy Firm OPT Solutions, Inc. Celebrates Ten Years

CLEVELAND, OHIO (Feb. 5, 2018) — Ten years ago businesses hadn’t experienced regular hacking incidents, artificial intelligence was only in the movies and the Internet of Things (IoT) were three random words. Whether business or consumer, customers’ expectations are higher now – from cars that park themselves to instant order notifications. Laura Pettit Rusick, president of Cleveland-based OPT Solutions, Inc. has had the opportunity to see how the changes in technology over the past decade have impacted the way business leaders approach technology.

“Ten years ago, the IT department was frequently just a support function,” said Laura Pettit Rusick. “Today’s business leaders view IT more strategically, looking to leverage technology to improve profitability and customer service. They need to consider how their technology impacts every aspect of their business that affects their bottom line, from data collection to consumer interaction to information protection.”

OPT Solutions, Inc. is a niche consulting firm that works with mid-market companies across the United States. OPT helps ensure their technology maximizes their company’s ability to provide information, products and services to their customers in a cost-effective manner. Over the past ten years, the hardware and software options available have changed dramatically, and cloud-based technology has moved from a confusing concept to a reliable option.

“Some of the technology advances have been more fads than useful solutions,” said Rusick. “As technology leaders in the field, we need to be able to help our clients assess which technologies are the best options for meeting their goals.”

Where is technology headed? Rusick advises business leaders to be savvy in the different ways technology can advance their business and identify solutions that fit their business model and culture. OPT’s success can be attributed to its commitment to its vendor independence, its robust processes and its focus on partnering with clients to help them achieve their goals.

Technology will continue to play an increasing role in business as we approach 2020. Focus will be on more productive partnerships between IT and the executive team, with businesses looking for technology to help meet business goals. Expect companies to integrate IT systems and functions across the corporation and its partners, and reduce risk via IT assessments in existing companies and IT due diligence in acquisitions. Expect analysis around new technologies such as crypto-currency, and how they will affect business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships moving forward.

“Amazon has trained consumers to have an expectation of next-day delivery, same day confirmations and delivery tracking that monitors every step of the process,” said Rusick. “Business leaders may be surprised at the impact consumer-based technology has on business-to-business transactions, and may need to look for new ways to leverage technology to meet the ever-changing customer needs.”

To learn more about how OPT Solutions Inc. helps companies, visit their website: OPT Solutions, Inc.

About OPT Solutions

OPT Solutions is a vendor-independent IT management and strategy consulting firm. We help mid-sized organizations leverage IT to support their business strategy, increasing efficiency and profitability. OPT has expanded across the country to serve the technology needs of businesses nationally. We provide IT advisory services to businesses in a variety of industries, including private equity firms and their portfolio companies. To learn more, visit or call 888-678-1786.

Laura Pettit Rusick holds an MBA from the Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University as well as a BS in Computer Science. She is an Information Technology executive with over 20 years of experience in CIO level roles in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, services and consulting. She has a proven track record in transforming IT so companies leverage technology to accomplish business goals, typically increasing productivity and revenue. Prior to founding OPT Solutions, Inc. she held CIO roles, managing IT, for twelve years at three companies.