Local consultants featured in Training Industry Magazine: Aligning Learning and Business Outcomes for Measurable Impact

CLEVELAND, OH – November 22, 2017 – Northeast Ohio co-authors Noelle Akins and Kathy Telban article was featured in the September/October edition of Training Industry Magazine, where they introduce  a new design tool and methodology that ensures that business and learning outcomes are aligned for measurable impact.

The article positions learning as a critical enabler for organizations that align employee learning outcomes with business outcomes. Author Kathy Telban explains how to adapt a proven learning outcome methodology and produce an Outcome Guide that aligns with business outcomes. Telban and co-author Akins walk through a real-life example to show the critical elements that need to align. Telban highlights that “Alignment reduces time spent on training design and learner time. It is key to both efficiency and effectiveness”.

Committed to the alignment of business and learning outcomes, a training team can make strategic, data-driven decisions on essential content for each target audience.
Telban and co-author Akins showcase the value the Outcome Guide backward design iterative approach and explains how it supports rapid design and lean learning principles. Development decisions focus on learner skills, knowledge and issue resolution to achieve learning and business outcomes.

An outcome and learning strategist with over 20 years working with higher education, agencies and corporations. Telban has implemented this methodology across the US and Canada. Read the entire article here: http://tinyurl.com/ybpw7dda  and get a Outcome Guide template here: http://outcomeprimers.com/wp-content/uploads/Program-Course-Workshop-Outcome-Guide.pdf

Noelle Akins is a consultant with Navigator Management Partners where she helps companies manage the people-side of organizational change. As the principal of Akins & Associates LLC she works with leaders to create and maintain personal alignment. Kathy Telban is Chief Outcome Strategist for iSOLVit LLC, an organizational effectiveness consulting and services firm. that helps organizations improve their outcomes where everyone matters.  She is also an Associate of The Learning Organization and co-authored several books in a new series titled, The OUTCOME Primers Series 2.0 that provides additional tools and strategies to create and sustain a learning outcomes and assessment system.