Local Consultants Publish Alignment Model in Training Industry Magazine

Aligning learning and business outcomes for measurable impact

CLEVELAND, OH – October, 23 2017 –An article by two Northeast Ohio co-authors, Noelle Akins and Kathy Telban, was recently published in the September/October edition of Training Industry Magazine. In it, they deliver a model to align business and learning outcomes for maximum impact.

The article positions learning as a critical enabler for organizations that align employee learning outcomes with overall business outcomes. Author Noelle Akins underscores the importance of alignment.

“Alignment is key to efficiency, effectiveness and to getting the results you want. Whether at an organizational level or on a personal level, consistent, disruptive change is a given,” Akins noted on today’s dynamic environment. “Alignment invites us to make ongoing adjustments so that our energies and outcomes are congruent with our vision.”

Akins and co-author Telban showcase the value of a reverse-engineered alignment model to produce real-world employee skills that pack a business punch. A change leader with 15+ years experience in the fields of learning, leadership and sustainable performance, Akins has implemented principles found in this model in R&D, manufacturing, services, non-profit and higher education settings.

Readers can explore the actionable approach to aligning outcomes presented by authors Akins and Telban in their article “Aligning Business and Learning Outcomes for Measurable Impact” published in Training Industry Magazine September/October 2017.

Noelle Akins is a consultant with Navigator Management Partners where she helps companies manage the people-side of organizational change. Akins holds an advanced degree in the behavioral sciences and is a Licensed Professional Counselor; Akins & Associates LLC works with leaders to create and maintain personal alignment. Kathy Telban is President and Chief Outcome Strategist for iSOLVit LLC, helping organizations improve their outcomes where everyone matters.