Mitri Products EZ Slab lives up to the EZ name

CUYAHOGA FALLS, OHIO (January 16, 2017) — Mitri Products, based in Cuyahoga Falls, is offering a system that literally eases the pain of the concrete finishing process: EZ Slab.

After concrete is poured on a flat area such as a driveway, contractors bring the surface to the proper grade, smooth the concrete and get it ready for finishing. Trowels, floats and a concrete broom are used to achieve the finished look. Water is essential during finishing, as the broom must be maintained wet throughout. This is where EZ Slab comes in.

In the past, contractors working on driveways, parking lots, slabs and other projects had to deal with carrying various hand tools as well as several heavy buckets of water. Thanks to EZ Slab this often painful and messy process no longer needs to take place.

EZ Slab is a sturdy aluminum system that functions as carrier, washing station, drying rack and storage system. A powder coated compact rack that stores its portable components may be bolted to the bed of a truck or van. Once at a job site, the lightweight EZ Slab components are quickly assembled. First, two heavy duty spill-proof tubs attach to the sides of any standard wheelbarrow to safely transport the necessary water. These containers are sized for easy dipping and cleaning of the broom, and may also be used individually in hard to reach places. A perforated center piece then snaps into the tubs, creating a flat staging and washing area for skids and other tools. This piece is specially designed to channel the washing water back into the side tub, and can serve as a drying rack. When the job is complete, hand tools and brooms are stored safely and out of the elements in the EZ slab containers, which include snap-on lids.

Mitri Products’ founder Demetrio Frammartino thought of this system when, as a young teenager helping his father, his job was to keep the concrete brooms and tools clean. He carried heavy buckets of water, spilling a considerable amount as he went back and forth to where concrete was being finished. He knew back then that the whole process could be easier. He dreamed of something that could help carry water and tools, would be quick to set up and easy to clean. It had to be durable, but light and reasonably priced. For the next 45 years, Demetrio developed a reputation as an expert concrete contractor in Northeast Ohio, all the while designing what is now EZ Slab in his spare time. Demetrio now has a product that meets his vision and, coinciding with the major show World of Concrete, is making EZ Slab available for distribution and shipment anywhere in the world.

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