New organization seeks to “elevate” girls into entrepreneurs

DeLores Pressley launches She Elevates

She Elevates provides young girls with mentorship and educational information on business ownership. With decades of experience, DeLores Pressley – a world class keynote speaker, author, and life coach – has launched She Elevates, a non-profit, aimed to elevate, enlighten, and empower 8 to 14-year-old girls to become future business owners and business leaders.

Established early last year, the mission of She Elevates is to empower and teach young girls around the world to become successful entrepreneurs by helping them to develop an entrepreneurial mindset through idea development, business etiquette training, and mentorship.

“It went back to my childhood,” said Pressley, a former elementary school teacher who has also been in business for the last thirty years. “Although I was always confident and a leader, I didn’t know much about entrepreneurship despite realizing I wanted to be one in 5th grade.”

The She Elevates Academy curriculum consists of two nine-week programs and will begin in Stark, Summit and Cuyahoga County area schools. After completion of the program, selected girls will receive funding for their business.

“For me, this provides an opportunity to instill in a young person what it takes to be successful,” said She Elevates board member Anita Murphy. “I think it’s our responsibility to help them understand the skills used in business.”

To make communities aware of She Elevates, a launch will take place at John Carroll University on April 20, 2018, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Tickets are $50.00 which includes dinner. She Elevates also is seeking sponsors for the Academy, as well as, volunteers in the areas of social media and public relations. To register for the event or to learn more about how to become involved, please visit the website at or call Lisa Beaufaitat at the office at 877.550.1751.

She Elevates, Inc. a 501c3 is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes. The organization provides young girls with mentorship and educational information on business ownership. The primary vision of the organization is to provide more exposure to young girls to increase their beliefs, understanding, and knowledge base to become powerful women entrepreneurs.