Political Artwork from Artist Deborah Shapiro featured on Akron’s The Devil Strip Publication

Artist Deborah Shapiro collage art Artist Deborah Shapiro collage art with a political theme makes the cover of The Devil Strip newspaper.
Bath, OH, (February 22, 2017) – Bath Township artist, Deborah Shapiro had her artwork, “Political Quagmire” featured on the February 2017 cover of “The Devil Strip”, an Akron publication highlighting events and stories in the Akron, Ohio area.

The art piece features a woman with holding a flag surrounded by words and images regarding the issues and candidates in the 2016 Presidential election.  According to publisher, Chris Horne,  “After first finding Deborah Shapiro’s art, I fell in love with her aesthetic and hoped to work with her as soon as possible.”  Regarding why he choose this specific collage, he says, “ I was thrilled because it so perfectly fit the moment and mood we were trying to convey.  It instantly became one of my favorite covers.”

Ms. Shapiro feels that people connect this collage because of its political tone.  She said, “I was honored to have my piece chosen for this publication”.  She added, “I realize the attention this piece is getting is contributed more to our divisive political climate and the new president rather than my actual art piece”.

Deborah Shapiro is a collage artist from Bath, Ohio. who creates her works by using torn bits of magazines as her paint.  Her main subjects include animals and experiences from her life.  She can be found online at http://deborahshapiroart.com and at several art festivals in Northeast Ohio throughout the summer.

To learn about the symbolism in this specific piece, go to http://www.deborahshapiroart.com/blogs/collage-art-blog/the-2016-election-and-the-voters-choices-in-candidates.  The February issue of The Devil Strip can be found at various locations around Akron and online at http://issuu.com/thedevilstrip/docs/tds_issue_feb_2017_web_15d5e654fe362d.  For more information, contact Deborah at deb@deborahshapiroart.com or call 216-337-2270.   Be sure to like Deborah on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/deborahshapiroart/ and on Instagram at www.instagram.com/deborahshapiroart/