29th Annual Ski Patrol Ski Swap Fundraiser Opens Oct 12-14, 2018

Supports the Largest Volunteer Ski Patrol in the USA

ski swap at Boston Mills Ski Resort 2018PENINSULA, OHIO (Aug. 20, 2018) – The largest ski patrol in the country will be holding their annual fundraiser ski swap from Friday, Oct. 12 until Sunday, Oct. 14, 2018 at Boston Mills Ski Resort in Peninsula.

“Our ski swap is a great way to upgrade your gear or to outfit your family for the ski season,” said Tom Ciranna, Patrol Director of BMBWAV Ski Patrol. “This annual ski swap kicks off our winter season and is our only fundraiser.”

More than an estimated 8,000 items will be available for sale, making it one of the largest ski swaps in the Midwest. Those who want to buy boots, skis, snowboards. and snow sports apparel should come to the swap Friday morning Oct. 12 through Sunday afternoon Oct. 14. Volunteer patrollers will help people to find suitable equipment. Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted.

The ski swap is organized by the BMBWAV Ski Patrol, which volunteers seven days a week at three locations in Northeast Ohio, helping the skiing and snowboarding guests.

Gently used ski and snowboard boots, skis, snowboards, and snow sport apparel will be accepted from Monday, Oct. 8 through Saturday, Oct 13 by ski patrol volunteers at the swap tent, set up at Boston Mills Ski Resort, 7100 Riverview Road, Peninsula, Ohio.

This is a consignment sale where the equipment owners set all the prices. Twenty percent of the proceeds are donated to the non-profit ski patrol as a 501c-3 tax-deductible donation. Unsold items must be picked up by 6 pm on Sunday, Oct. 14.

To find out more details, hours, terms, and conditions, visit http://bmbwavsp.org or email skiswap@bmbwavsp.org.

About the BMBWAV Ski Patrol

The BMBWAV Ski Patrol is a nonprofit organization that provides safety and services for many of the ski, snowboard and tubing areas in the Northeast Ohio area.  Located in the Central Division of the National Ski Patrol, the Boston Mills, Brandywine, and Alpine Valley Ski Patrol has over 300 members, making it the largest Ski Patrol in the United States. In both the 1996/1997 and 2003/2004 seasons, they were awarded “National Outstanding Large Alpine Ski Patrol” by the National Ski Patrol board. This is the highest honor that any Ski Patrol can receive.

The National Ski Patrol has 28,000 members and 650 patrols. For more information about BMBWAV Ski Patrol, visit their website at www.bmbwavsp.org.